The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) process collects and updates data about publicly accessible outdoor recreation sites every five years. This becomes the Louisiana Outdoor Recreation Information (LORI) system. Most of these sites are public lands, but privately owned venues where outdoor recreation is available to the general public (perhaps for a fee) are also relevant to this inventory. If you have a site that you don’t see in our inventory, please submit some basic information about it using the form below. We will investigate and contact you for additional details about the site.

LORI Recreation Site Contribution Form

Who owns the site? A Parish, city or agency?

"LA" for state, and Country can be skipped. Street Address Address Line 2 City State / Province / Region Postal / Zip Code Country

Point Location

This form is intended to collect information about local park and recreation sites available to the public. We will represent this site as a point location on a map. As a check against the street address provided above, please provide latitude and longitude in decimal degree values. These values can be found using Google Maps. Click twice to place a point on the site and Google will display the coordinates. Within Louisiana, latitude will be a positive number between 29 and 33, while longitude will be a negative number between -89 and -94.

Latitude is a positive number in decimal degrees.
Longitude is a negative number in decimal degrees.
Which category best describes this public recreation site?
Approximate size of the recreation site in acres.
Estimate number of parking spaces available.
Describe any buildings present, their function and approximate size.
What hours is this site open to the public?

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