Open Project Selection Process

The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) State Assistance Program is administered in Louisiana by the Office of State Parks Division of Outdoor Recreation. The LWCF provides matching fund assistance through reimbursement to approved projects for the acquisition of and/or development of outdoor recreation. State agencies and political subdivisions are eligible to apply. The LWCF State Assistance Program is not available to Federal agencies, non-profits or individuals. Planning grants and technical assistance are available through the LWCF State Assistance Program to help the States develop and update their SCORP planning process.

The Open Project Selection Process (OPSP) provides objective criteria and standards for grant selection that are explicitly based on the State’s priority needs for the acquisition and development of outdoor recreation resources as identified in the SCORP. The OPSP is the connection between the SCORP and the use of LWCF State Assistance Program grants to assist state efforts in meeting high priority outdoor recreation resource needs. This OPSP will discuss use of program funding or apportionment, program and application opportunity promotion, project rating and selection.

image of instruction matrix

The above matrix, from Appendix IV downloadable below, illustrates which types of recreational amenities are identified as a priority in the 2020 SCORP and in which regions of the state.


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